Museum of Senses

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The Museum of Senses offers over 40 different exhibits placed in different zones that will take you on a fantastic journey to revive your senses and awaken those you didn’t know you had.

Head on a platter

Would you fancy an Asian snack? What if you were that snack yourself?

Changing faces hedge

Have you ever thought about changing your eyes for another’s? How would your friend’s smile look on you?Take a friend and put your senses to the test!

Fata Morgana (mirage)

Create your very own hologram and let your senses discover the treasure!
The same mirages were sighted in the desert and even in Antarctica by weary travellers who looked over the horizon.

Infinity room

Let yourself get carried away in an infinite waltz of lights and reflections!

Inverted room

After a walk through the park, your senses start to normalize again. But are you ready for a different perspective? Be careful, you might fall from the ceiling…

Bed of nails

Do you remember the fakirs of yore?
Would you dare lay down on a bed made of 1200 nails, just like they used to do?


How is it possible to glimpse a three-dimensional object inside a two-dimensional painting, by a singular eye movement?Test your sight and perception!


The mesmerizing kaleidoscope will create a work of art using your face. A photo through the kaleidoscope is the best souvenir to take with you!

Ames room

Have you ever wanted to know how the world looks like through the eyes of a dwarf or of a giant?
In just a matter of seconds, your wish comes true!
Take your friends with you and play with some optical illusions!


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