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About the Museum of Senses

What is museum of senses

The MUSEUM of SENSES is home to an experience that will awaken your senses and inspire you to discover more and, therefore,  to feel more. Live an unimaginable experience in a world of sensations and mind-blowing optical illusions and test your senses at an extraordinary museum. A place as fun as it is educational, as amazing as it is enigmatic, and as crazy as it is rational.

An Adventure of the Senses

Let yourself go during an experience full of challenges for your body and mind. You will learn a lot about perception, sound vibrations, touch, smell, the human brain and science. Observe and explore what you feel, and make sense of your senses.

Are you ready?

Your journey will begin with a walk through a dark tunnel where you will experience an area where the water flows upwards, cross a busy city street only to enter into a park with mind-blowing optical illusions, where nothing is at it seems. Your journey will continue in a park where you can hear birds chirp, and then experience an adrenaline rush and dizziness by walking through an amazing Vortex tunnel.

In between you will explore the worldwide-known 'AMES room' that will heavily challenge your perception, enter into an inclined room only to find that nothing is at it should be, but, again, all seems normal.

Then revive your energy with dancing in endless waves of music in an infinity mirror room.

Each one and all of your senses will be stimulated to awaken your imagination and defy your perception.


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