About the Museum of Senses

Senses 'refresh zone'

After such a unique adventure, the senses that will awaken the most will be hunger and thirst. We will make sure that you will be able to calm them down with a variety of different sandwiches, candies and soft drinks.

Senses 'dream zone'

Since your senses have been awakened you will be inspired to feel more. That is why we created an entertainment zone where visitors of all ages are able to play and learn with the use of different toys and brain teasers in order to develop and improve their skills and abilities

Senses gift shop

You experienced, learned and felt in new and different ways. You opened a new perspective and you will want to share the memories of this adventure. Turn them into tangible experiences with original gifts for those who await you in the real world.


For a more comfortable tour, the use of lockers is at your disposal.


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